In a Minecraft World

In a Minecraft World

Traditional games don’t have freedom, creativity and expression. Minecraft is an important game to children and may just be beneficial. Your imagination just flows and with a game that keeps going with no true conclusion your freedom becomes an endless possibility. Minecraft has two modes to it. Creative and survival. Survival mode is where you start in a random world and you are required to grab all the supplies you need to survive. The good thing is all the supplies you need are created by you. You set out and explore the world going through caves, ravines, dungeons.

It gives kids a sense of accomplishment when they see they have survived and look over everything they have created.

Then you have the creative mode which allows you to go through endless possibilities of your imagination. Your world can be customized using the creative options of how big mountains can be, how big oceans are and take out certain things you don’t want to exist.

A flat blank canvas is available for you to use it’s an adventure to start.

You can dig out hills and build houses there explore the caves, mind you some can take hours to fully explore and conquer. Your own creative world develops from the surface as you collect resources. Build and grow and let the creativity grow. Mine craft is a family game suitable for all ages and can be played as a family trying to conquer all the enemies together. Some refer to Minecraft as Lego that is because the game is made out of low-res blocks and that fit together resembling that of something you just made out of Lego.

It is good for children to explore and understand the life skills that you gain in Minecraft rather than playing other games that offer no education or benefit to children.

Minecraft suits both genders  and the limit is your own imagination.

You are living in this digital universe make it real, make it yours. With no boundaries no time limit and certainly a game parents approve of you can see why children love the game and all have it down on their birthday list. Minecraft has grown so much from a small team’s creativeness to selling plushies of Minecraft characters, Minecraft pieces to build and play with, board games, clothing with Minecraft characters and even phone screensavers.

This game may seem basic if you have already looked at it but once you start playing beware it’s addictive.

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