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Minecraft Joins Forces with Xbox Game Pass

In 2019, Esports and console games are more determined than ever to reach out to more and more players across the world. One of the most popular games of all times, Minecraft, started unveiling updates by the start of the

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Is there any goodness to Minecraft for kids?

Is there any goodness to Minecraft for kids? The build and survive game Minecraft has been a huge success. From a small team that created Minecraft it now has over 100 million players. Kids today are always talking about Minecraft,

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Minecraft Can Be A Teaching Tool

For those who do not know much about Minecraft, and do not have an enthusiastic young person to tell you about it, it is a concept game of an open world where you can build, mine, explore, fly and do

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Minecraft 4K and Minecraft Classic: Exciting Variations for Players

Minecraft and its Exciting Variations for Players. Minecraft is an amazing 3D game that can be run on multiple operating systems such as Linux, OS X, Microsoft Windows and so on. There are several variations of this popular game and

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In a Minecraft World

Traditional games don’t have freedom, creativity and expression. Minecraft is an important game to children and may just be beneficial. Your imagination just flows and with a game that keeps going with no true conclusion your freedom becomes an endless

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Sony won’t allow cross-platform Minecraft


Minecraft games had announced the new feature that Windows 10, Xbox One, mobile, and VR versions of the games are now able to use same server and all of them can play together without any kind of borders. Content and

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